Manage Alerts, don’t just deliver

 Every IT organization aim to best service it’s users by ensuring the needed services and solutions are available and performing to the best possible way. Usually the requested services require complex configuration build from computer and network infrastructures and many applications and computer services. To t  the IT organization keeps a set of complex and usually expensive management and monitoring tools and require many human resources to manage and operate.

SNS++™:the SMART Notification System

(                    Special edition)

Getting the right alert to the right person at the right time







Advance Notification

SNS++ ‐ Smart Notification – Nagios editionSNS++ is the market leader in the notification management arena in Israel, and was developed with direct and intimate relationships with our customers and market assisting us in developing this unique solution. This version of SNS++ is a new edition designed especially for Nagios customers and users. It keeps the best of all the new features and capabilities, with an ‘out of the box’ integration to Nagios and moreover, with a surprising price!





SNS++ Key Benefits

  • Reduces system & services downtime
  • Improves IT quality of service (QOS) 
  • Reduces amount of alerts sent 
  • Simplifies IT management 
  • Improves efficiency of IT resources 
  • Ensures quick & accurate alert delivery
  • Reduces maintenance time and the probability for errors
  • Fast ROI